You Talk Too Much: Motivation

  • Uploaded on 16 Mei 2016

    There is a problem speaking too much, you can tell the wrong person about your situation and the person can speak words of discord concerning your predicament. Whenever outside individuals have access to your situation they can speak words that can help or hurt you. So therefore it is the responsibility of the individual to be prudent when he or she tell anyone about their situation.
    Negative words can have long-lasting results that spread far beyond the person to whom they were hurled.
    Words are powerful. So therefore protect your mind, protect your thoughts, and protect your dreams by not sharing your dreams with negative people.

    These are a few books that I recommend that will help you and bless you tremendously.

    Change Your Words, Change Your Life: Understanding the Power of Every Word You Speak by Joyce Meyer

    Stopping Words That Hurt: Positive Words in a World Gone Negative by Dr. Michael D. Sedler

    When to Speak Up and When To Shut Up:
    by Dr. Michael D

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