Wireless Energy Transmission with Force Fields and Lasers

  • Uploaded on 24 Jun 2019

    Using lasers and extreme electromagnetic fields I'm able to power up a bunch of stuff without the use of wires!

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    In this video I demonstrate a bunch of different methods of wireless energy transmission. I start by looking at early experiments of wireless energy transmission like what was done by Michael Faraday in the mid 1800s and then try them out myself. These experiments led to the development of the transformer, which is an incredibly common electrical component used today. It turns out that wireless cell phone chargers are based on this technology that's over 100 years old!

    Next I look into higher frequency sources like that generated by a Tesla coil. For these experiments I break out my Tesla coil collection and wirelessly light up neon bulbs, plasma tubes, and fluorescent lights. I also test out an energy harvesting circuit and collect EM energy via a rectenna. These effects are still mainly described by capacitive coupling though, so they don't work over very far distances.

    Next I look into microwave devices as a source for generating a collimated beam. It turns out that making a nice beam from microwave oven parts is impossible, but large microwave antennas can still be used to wirelessly power up drones or beam large amounts of power over long distances. In my experiments I use a "broken" microwave oven that still works with the door open to light up some light bulbs.

    Still though, the best device yet for wireless energy transmission is the laser. There is nothing that can match the tight beam of a laser, and with tuned photovoltaics, a laser can be used to transmit energy over astronomical distances at relatively high efficiencies. In fact, our best shot at exploring nearby stars in the foreseeable future is with laser powered spacecraft. In the video I use a laser to power electronics via LEDs and solar cells.

    Oh yeah, free energy is silly unless it obeys the laws of thermodynamics,

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