Walking War Robots (Test Server) [1.5] Update Sneak Peek and Gameplay

  • Uploaded on 21 Mei 2016

    Walking War Robots Test server Version 1.5 analysis and Gameplay.
    whats new in this update ??
    okay first thing first , the most important new feature in 1.5 is the new profile for the player which is still in early development as you guys can see it's a bit buggy + not fully detailed also the profile picture is still not added to it yet , however it's a start and Pixonic will surly improve it in the near future.
    second most important thing in 1.5 update is that all Heavy Robots got a speed boost (around 7 speed units) which is huge making medium and light Robots less useful in the game as they are less special when it comes to the terms of speed (as heavy Robots are now faster) and the Rhino currently thrives as the fastest Robot in the game (and yes even faster than the Stalker).
    also the Golem speed was increased but i forgot to add one to my hanger for a test , anyway i think that a Golem with an ECU shield is now better than a Boa due to it's high speed and the extra slot for a shield which protects it from sniping weapons (while the Boa can't do anything about it) but it's still bad against explosive weapons as the shield doesn't count against them.
    another cool feature that players were requesting it from like 6 months is an improved targeting system , the targeting system now favors the closest Target to the center of the screen to lock-on rather than choosing the Target randomly which used to drive people mad as they used to die while still trying to look-on to the target the want lol.
    last but not least the Heavy Prototype 3 got a massive Nerf on it's health , got reduced by 120k actually , with that it's now a bit behind than other heavy Robots like the Rhino ...
    a 80k health Reduction would have been great but i guess that Pixonic want it to focus more on firepower instead of survivability
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