Town of Salem Gameplay - Worst Escort Ever!

  • Uploaded on 14 Mei 2016

    This is our first episode of Town of Salem! I get the role of escort this game. We'll see if I can role block some bad guys and get us the victory! I've got my suspicions that's for sure! Nothing like a good old robotic escort! Heyoo!!

    I also miss something during the game, if you find it, just remember it, because I'll reveal it at the end of the game! Can't miss this stuff because it is super valuable information!



    Town of Salem is a terrific low spec game on steam. Up to 15 players can play! Waaaaat? This game is the classic good guys versus bad guys with some third party roles thrown in! Good guys like the escort, sheriff, investigator, medium, etc, are trying to either kill the members of the mafia, or serial killer at night or during the day via hanging!

    At the same time, the bad guys like the Godfather, mafioso, framer, etc are trying to kill off all the towns folk at night. If all the townsfolk are dead, the mafia wins! If all the mafia are dead and serial killer is dead then the town wins!

    I mentioned third party roles for example the jester, serial killer, executioner, etc have their own goals to complete. The jester tries to get himself/herself hung before the end of the game, while the serial killer tries to kill everybody.

    Confused yet? That's the point, you don't know who is who and you have to try to pick up on clues throughout the game while using your role abilities to help lead your team to victory! The the manipulation, lies and deception commence!


    Do you like Town of Salem? It can be purchased through steam for $5.00!

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