The 3 WORST Lat Pulldown Mistakes You’re Making (STOP!)

  • Uploaded on 20 Jan 2019

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    What's going on guys! In today's video I'm going to take you through 3 of the worst lat pulldown mistakes that you're possibly making, and how to fix them so you can do it correctly and build bigger, stronger, lats!

    The first mistake I commonly see is creating momentum. By creating too much momentum, you aren't going to be using your muscles nearly as much as you could be if you weren't using momentum. Avoid throwing yourself back, keep your chest out, and elbows slightly in front of you so you can squeeze your elbows into your sides.

    The second mistake I commonly see is not using the eccentric contraction fully. Often we focus so much on the pulling, that we forget about the eccentric part of the lift and just let the weight drop. Your muscles are going to be stronger on the eccentric part of the lift - so next time remember to control the weight more on the way back down.

    The third and final mistake I commonly see is to stop doing partial reps. Make sure you are getting full range of motion on each rep. The whole point of a lat pulldown is to get your elbows and bring them down, squeezing them into your side. Stopping short is putting you at a disadvantage at building the most muscle possible on this, and any movement for that matter. Really focus on driving your elbows down and squeezing into your side to get the best contraction on this exercise.

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    The 3 WORST Lat Pulldown Mistakes You’re Making (STOP!)

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