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    Welcome to the offical Youtube Channel of Muhammed Farhan Islamic Publications
    All praise is to Allah (swt) who allowed this project to become reality. has evolved into one of the Kerala's leading online source of Islamic information and one of the largest Muslim e-Community, offering a wide range of information and services in Kerala...
    We believe through emerging online media there is an opportunity to enhance awareness and knowledge leading to a better understanding of Islamic and muslim informations
    This is a new venture which can in many ways be helpful to the Muslim community in Kerala. There are a lot of Islamic study centers across Kerala where thorough learning of Islamic laws and principles are possible which enables people to be scholars in the religious field.

    Authorised Speeches of Noushad baqavi,Kabeer Baqavi,Sirajudheen Al Qasimi,Kummanam Nisamudheen Azhari,Shameer Darimi,Navas Mannani And More...

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