PRINCE CHARLES' SECRET - Cinderella ep. 14 - EN

  • Uploaded on 10 Sep 2014

    Duke Zaral invites Cinderella and her stepsisters to stay in the Emerald Castle for a while, hoping that their presence will help him keep track of the prince, and prevent Charles from putting a spoke in his devious plans. Catherine and Jeanne are both very excited, because an invitation to go to the royal court is a great honor, however, all their hopes go dashing away when they enter the castle only to discover that they will be serving as maids. Naturally, Cinderella feels right at home, but her stepsisters act like fish straight out of the water. One fine day, Cinderella sees the prince stealing out of the castle and then follows him, but suddenly he is nowhere to be seen… by coincidence, she then runs into her friend Charles the liar, to whom she confides that she has been invited to stay in the castle to look out for the prince. This news only confirms Charles' suspicions that the duke has been plotting behind his back.... After breaking a doll (a precious royal heirloom), Catherine and Jeanne are dismissed from the castle. After their return, they then ask Cinderella if they can help with her domestic chores so that they can learn how to be good maids in case they are ever invited back to the castle. They firmly believe that Duke Zaral had them stay in the castle so that he could decide which one of them would make the best wife for the prince.

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