MEMORIES OF MY MOTHER - Cinderella ep. 21 - EN

  • Uploaded on 10 Sep 2014

    Cinderella dwells on the few memories she has of her mother. Pierre and Cinderella's animal friends tell her she was very beautiful and kind, just like Cinderella, and that she used to love taking quiet walks in the fields.Cinderella learns also of particular tree her mother once stopped to rest under which her stepmother has just ordered Pierre to cut down for that she feels it casts too much shade on the house. As soon as the tree has been felled, the Duchess then takes ill, and there seems to be nothing existent capable of improving her condition. The doctor maintains that only an herb that grows in the northern woods will help her to get better. Cinderella offers to go get the herb, even though everyone advises against it because the woods are reputed to be full of evil spirits. Still, she sets out, accompanied by the fairy godmother, who tells her, along the way, that she had promised Cinderella's mother she would watch over her daughter always. After many adventures, Cinderella manages to find the medicinal herb in the woods and bring it back to her stepmother who makes a miraculous recovery.

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