How to fix one side not working on bluetooth i7s?

  • Uploaded on 19 Des 2018

    How to fix one side not working on bluetooth i7s
    how to connect i7s bluetooth earphophone

    Just in case anybody is having issues pairing both, here is how to exactly do it.
    Step1: Make sure your bluetooth on your phone is turned off.
    Step:2: Make sure your earpods are turned off as well
    Step 3: Power up both earpods at the same time by pressing the white button on both until both flashes.
    Step 4: Press the power button twice on ONE EARPOD ONLY. You will see that it only flash red and blue on one side only.
    Step 5: Then turn on the bluetooth on your phone or whatever device you are using
    Step 6: There will be two "I7S TWS" bluetooth device listing on your device to connect and pair to. Choose the one that corresponds to the one in Step 4. (Don't worry if you choose the wrong one because if you do, it will not allow you to connect. The right one will allow you to connect)
    Step 7: You are done. Pick your favorite music and you are good to go
    Thanks “Destan001”

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