History as inspiration & enlightenment (BKI 29 in Belgrade, Serbia)

  • Uploaded on 18 Okt 2018

    🎃October is the month of connecting past-present-future.
    It connects our worlds, our dimensions, on a grand scale.
    It helps show us where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we’d like to go.
    October brings together the human journey!

    For me, diving into the history of my art(s) deepens my present practices plus inspires me toward future innovation.
    I was lucky to visit the National Museum of Serbia, recently opened after a 15-year renovation.
    Containing over 400K arts and crafts, it gave me a deeper connection to the human creative spirit, my ultimate quest of understanding.
    (Plus, I’m staying in a living history 50s style apartment, which you’ll get a peek at!)

    Reconnect to the history of your art

    Connecting to your art’s evolution doesn’t have to be intimidating or dull - just 5 minutes can spark your imagination and motivation!

    In this short video, I share 3 benefits of knowing about your art’s history, plus a simple strategy for getting started.

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