Find Peace in the Desert of Your Life

  • Uploaded on 9 Agu 2016

    Find Peace. An uplifting reminder to slow down and learn to appreciate the things in life you are rushing through. Often times what you see as unwanted is what you need to find yourself. Slow down and really soak this in.

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    Finding Peace in your life…is important, if we are to maintain a healthy body and mind. Most of us have very fast paced lives and don’t take the time to allow our bodies and minds to heal or regenerate its energy. Stress overwhelms and we begin to degenerate. We don’t eat right; we don’t exercise; we don’t take time to reflect; all which are necessary to maintain our health. A lot of healthy things happen when we find our moments of peace.

    Slow down and learn to appreciate the things of life.
    It is more important than ever to find quiet time on a daily basis. “That’s impossible" you may be thinking. Many people are so consumed with obligations of family, work, socializing and chores that weeks pass without any time to focus on one’s state of mind or to find time for exercise or quiet time. Stress levels increase when one is constantly running to and fro on a treadmill of obligation and neglecting the need for spiritual healing and peace.

    Often times what you see as unwanted is what you need to find yourself
    Once a failure has been detected, it’s essential to go beyond the obvious and superficial reasons for it to understand the root causes. This requires the discipline—better yet, the enthusiasm—to use sophisticated analysis to ensure that the right lessons are learned and the right remedies are employed. The job of leaders is to see that their organizations don’t just move on after a failure but stop to dig in and discover the wisdom contained in it.

    Slow down and really soak this in.
    For many of us, time is precious, and we face many demands from family, friends, and our jobs. In those moments when you question your priorities, remember that contemplative practices are not distractions or diversions from our daily activities, but are opportunities to get in touch with what is deeply meaningful to us. Have we lost the ability to be at peace in our moments of rest? Cluttered schedules not only constrict the time we have, but also manipulate our understanding of value and worth. It is crucial to remember the simple value and beauty of life as it is, not as it is used. The simple awareness cultivated by contemplative practices can bring us back in touch with this beauty, enriching our interactions with others.


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