Fallout Equestria Audiobook Chapter 6

  • Uploaded on 13 Jun 2013

    I know it's been more than a month, we had a lot of new people and new projects that started taking up more of our time, but here it is! I really hope you like the original music for Sweety Bell and Velvet Remedy! The composer worded hard on em! I'll Try and get Chapter 7 up by the very beginning of July, Thanks for waiting Mares and Stallions! and now for your regularly scheduled credits ...

    Music for this chapter are from the following who own all thier own music and is used here for entertainment purposes only.

    Akira Yamaoka
    The Wingless
    mv / hellven
    Hans Zimmer
    Peter Gabriel
    Pink Floyd
    Rob Zombie
    White Zombie

    Original songs : Regret (featuring vocals by SynCallio) and Invaluable by The Australian Composer Camsy https://www.youtube.com/use......

    Art design of Velvet Remedy by http://jetwave.deviantart.c...... and Little Pip, Calamity and Velvet Remedy together by http://kingofallnoobs.devia......
    Green Alicorn by http://aaronmk.deviantart.c......

    Voices are done by:

    Little Pip: Kellena Cook
    Calamity: Mike Hall
    Random bar ponies: Shaun Rayson, Marrisa Harding, MongolianFoodHoarder Camsy and Jonivan (Kaboosen)
    Adult Scootaloo: Scorch238
    DJ Pon3: MongolianFoodHoarder
    Apple Whisky, Train Pony and Slaver Pony3 :Jonivan (Kaboosen)
    Slaver Pony 1 : Mike Hall
    Slaver Pony 2 : Shaun Rayson

    Narration: Scorch238

    The origina story Fallout:Equestria was written
    by Kkat http://www.youtube.com/user...

    All sound effects and background music by Mike Hall with Adobe Audition 3.0

    All Mastering and layering with mixdown using Pro Tools by Australian Studio Engineer Shaun Rayson

    Thank you Kkat!
    Update: here is the download link for the MP3 for this chapter: http://www.mediafire.com/do...

    Channel Coyotecyb

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