Dog of paper Assembly 3D origami Tutorial

  • Uploaded on 20 Sep 2017

    Dog of paper Assembly 3D origami Tutorial

    You will learn how to make a dog (puppy) of paper. It's a symbol of the New Year 2018, 2030, 2042 on the eastern horoscope. It is also a good gift to all those who are born in the year of the dog.
    We’ll make the model in technology "Modular 3D origami". You can use a plain paper for the printer. It's a good handmade or a gift or DIY!

    0:06 We need 906 white pieces 1/32nd
    How to make triangles (pieces) 1/32nd:


    0:09 Make three rows of white pieces
    0:18 Place the 1st row with the short side of the piece up
    0:24 2nd and 3rd rows place long side up
    0:37 Make 21 pieces in each row
    1:48 Join three rows in a circle
    2:06 Continue to make rows
    3:38 Make 15 rows of 21 pieces in each
    3:50 Narrow the tip
    3:56 put on pieces on 3 corners
    4:05 make 14 white pieces in a row In total
    4:59 Make another row of 14 white pieces
    5:55 The dog's torso is ready!
    6:02 Make paws
    6:13 2 rows of 5 pieces in each
    6:50 Make row of 10 pieces
    Make another row of 10 pieces
    Make another 3 rows of 10 pieces in each
    Put on 4 pieces on 3 angles each
    Continue row to the end is not necessary!
    Rewind video and make exactly the same way another three paws
    10:42 Make a head
    2 rows of 5 pieces in each
    3rd row has 10 pieces
    4th row has 10 pieces
    5th row has 20 pieces
    6th row has 20 Pieces
    Put on 7 pieces in the next row with the short side of the pieces facing outwards
    The remaining 13 pieces of the 7th row put on as usual
    Make 4 another rows of 20 pieces in each
    put on pieces on 3 corners
    Make 14 pieces in a row
    13th row has 14 pieces
    19:46 Make Ears
    3, 4, 5
    4, 5, 4, 3
    4, 3
    Rewind video and make another ear
    22:22 Make a tail
    3, 2, 3, 2, 3
    2, 1 (6 times)
    24:05 Attention to putting on the last tail's piece!
    Glue paws to the body
    Wait until the glue dries
    Wait until the glue dries
    Glue the head
    Note that a place with seven pieces of short side
    were directed upwards
    there will be eyes
    Glue ears
    Glue the tail
    29:26 Cut out the nose and eyes from the black paper
    29:37 And glue them
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