Daddy Was A Milkman feat. Justinas Jarutis - "Sleepwalker"

  • Uploaded on 7 Okt 2016

    "Sleepwalker" was encouraged and inspired by an argument.
    Sometimes disagreements get to the point where we shut down & stop hearing what the other person has to say / we shut down. It's bad, but at this particular moment you just don't care,
    you're not even there any more.
    This embiguous emotional state, which we named "Sleepwalking air" leads to reconciliation, openness and better mutual understanding.
    "Sleepwalker" is a positive track. In a way we are each other's colours, sounds and secrets, and with different opinions / views we complement each other. So whatever the future holds, in any case, it'll be fine.

    Music: Ignas Pociūnas / Vitas Vaičiulis
    Lyrics: Ignas Pociūnas
    Vocals: Ignas Pociūnas / Justinas Jarutis
    Image: juliadavisphotography

    Channel Daddy Was A Milkman

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