Creepypasta Universe 2 - FUN IS INFINITE! / Giygas is here? (Part 3)

  • Uploaded on 8 Des 2015

    Its time to get revenge for our neighbours parents' and take down Zalgo once and for all! But first.. How about a trip to Freedys Fazbear Pizza and then having some fun with Sega? FUN IS INFINITE!

    Game Description (Personal Description):

    Creepypasta Universe 2: The Origin is a Prequel to its predecessor Creepypasta Universe. It features around a character (Your choice of what the gender and his/her name is) that comes to be the hero or "Chosen One" as actively shown in the first game. It features a vast selection of Creepypasta stories as well as some gaming related creepypasta's along its own storyline in order to create a unique RPG experience. The game is currently the second installment to the Creepypasta Universe Series.

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