Burned down market near Tivoli Gardens; angry residents

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    (28 May 2010)
    1. Wide of woman complaining about her burned stall in the market
    2. Woman attempting to salvage something from the debris
    3. Close of smouldering debris in the market place
    4. Wide of burned out market place
    5. Various of angry stall owners and neighbours at the market place
    6. Bullet cases on the ground at the market
    7. Armed soldiers arriving on site and going inside the market
    8. People coming out of burned out market place
    9. Wide of burned market
    10. Man attempting to salvage something from the debris
    11. Soldiers advancing through Tivoli Gardens neighbourhood
    12. Soldiers questioning a man
    13. Sniper on roof top, zoom out to soldiers speaking to the man
    14. Exterior of May Pen cemetery
    15. Various of wood coffins of people who died during recent shootings
    16. Wide of woman complaining UPSOUND: ( English) "We are hungry, don't have anything to eat."
    17. SOUNDBITE: (English) Vox Pop, local resident:
    "They (referring to the army) won't let us out, we can come out and buy food, we're hungry. We can't come out, still hostage."
    18. Exterior of hospital
    19. Police officers coming out of hospital
    A mysterious fire in a sprawling Kingston market next to a police-occupied slum reduced stalls and produce to ashes on Friday.
    Kingston's Coronation Market was gutted in the early morning blaze, which is situated next to the bullet-pocked complex of Tivoli Gardens.
    Jamaican security forces have conducted raids on the Tivoli Gardens, that has left over 70 people dead in gun battles that began on Monday.
    Bullet casings were scattered at the gutted market as locals tried to salvage what they could from the smouldering remains of their stalls.
    Vendors have been avoiding the market since violence broke out on Sunday. However the government has been encouraging them to return.
    Heavily armed forces have gained tenuous hold on Tivoli Gardens in a hunt for reputed underworld boss Christopher "Dudus" Coke.
    Units of armed soldiers continue to search the neighbourhood house by house in search of Coke, who is wanted by the United States on drug and arms trafficking charges
    On Friday, soldiers stopped and searched people on the street looking for information that could lead them to the drug-lord though authorities believe he may have fled the country.
    The battle in Kingston erupted on Sunday and so far has left at least 73 people dead, according to the Deputy Police Chief Glenmore Hinds
    Hinds said that police and soldiers had found 73 "civilian" bodies, three of which might not have been killed in incidents related to the raid.
    He said three security officers were also killed in battles with gunmen loyal to Coke, who had nine months to prepare for an escape while Jamaica's prime minister wavered over US demands for his extradition.
    Police said that more than 500 people had been arrested in connection with the four days of fighting, most of them in Tivoli Gardens.
    Police were searching for weapons, but had found only six, along with seven thousand rounds of ammunition and some improvised explosives, according to Hinds.
    Some of the latest victims were buried on Friday morning at one of Kingston's cemeteries.
    Meanwhile, residents of Tivoli Gardens complained that due to the heavy shooting and the massive military presence they haven't been able to leave their houses and get food and supplies.
    The violence didn't surprise island police and community groups who warned that Coke had been stockpiling weapons and preparing to defend himself since the US demanded his extradition last August.
    American authorities say Coke has been trafficking cocaine to the streets of New York City since the mid-1990s, allegedly hiring island women to hide the drugs on themselves on flights to the US.

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