Bill Goldberg vs the rock wwe backlash 2003 match : wwe bill goldberg vs rock

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    Bill Goldberg's first match on WCW Monday Nitro : bill goldberg vs hugh morrus : Goldberg vs. Hugh Morrus [Nitro Debut]

    Bill Goldberg and Brock Lesnar meet face-2-face before Survivor Series: Raw, Nov 14, 2016 video

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    Find out what Paul Heyman said to Goldberg that nearly led to an all-out brawl, six nights before their Mega Match at Survivor Series
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    Brock Lesnar and Goldberg with special guest referee, Steve Austin. The beginning of the match began with both men staring each other down, jawing back and forth, with no physical for several minutes, causing an exasperated Austin at one point to coax them into locking up. The fact that they both were leaving the WWE immediately after the match, as well as the lack of effort brought forth by both Goldberg and Lesnar drew large heat from the fans throughout the match, with fans chanting, "You sold out", "Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye", "Austin", "This match sucks", "We want Bret", "Boring", "Goldberg sucks", and "Hogan". Goldberg then successy took Lesnar down with a Spear, that would only draw a two count after a pin attempt. Lesnar then executed the F-5 maneuver on Goldberg, but also resulted in a two-count pin attempt. Afterwards, Lesnar missed an attempt to knock Goldberg down, allowing Goldberg to execute another spear and a successful Jackhammer powerslam that led to a three count for Goldberg, thus winning the match. After the match, Lesnar responded to the fans' criticism by giving the crowd the finger, which was actually directed towards Vince McMahon. This was followed by a finger to Steve Austin. Austin then executed a Stone Cold Stunner on both competitors to the crowd's delight and celebrated with beer in the ring
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    Follow Goldberg to the ring as he appears on Raw to answer Paul Heyman's challenge to fight Brock Lesnar.goldberg attacks brock lesnar 2016, brock lesnar attacks goldberg 2016, goldberg face to face with brock lesnar 2016,

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