8' C Band Antenna Dish Refurbishment

  • Uploaded on 9 Jun 2009

    I have had a 6' C-Band dish for a few years now and have had great fun with it, I boast I can get 95% of C-Band signals...... 99% of the time. But after recently helping SPACEVIDCAST with the installation of their C-Band antenna I thought I too would "upgrade" to a larger dish. It's about 1' bigger all round as you can see from the picture where I have some petals from each dish standing next to each other. It's around 8' in dia.

    I scanned craigslist and sure enough found one locally just across the border in WI. The drive there was amazing and a treat in it's self. Wisconsin is beautiful in springtime.

    It takes me around 30 minutes to get there, (reminds me that I actually live closer to WI. than I do the Minneapolis Metro area!) only to find the dish was weather damaged, and perhaps bullet damaged judging by the holes : )

    Anyway I get to work on one of the windiest days in my recent memory. RATS! Close to every nut and bolt was seized, luckily when I cranked on them most all snapped. In total it took me 45 mins to take the monster apart.

    The refurbishment was fun, firstly I replaced most every nut and bolt, The main elevation screw was seized and I had to use my two decades in heavy mechanical engineering experience to free everything maintaining the thread. (WD 40)

    I then beat out and repaired all the dents and bullet holes in the mesh, and painted everything with the obligatory MATT BLACK paint. As a long time mechanical Engineer and LICENSED satellite technician I measured everything before dismantling the antenna and when I reinstalled it, pointing it by eye............ BANG I had signal without doing any tweaking! I did eventually tinker with the skew a little, but to be fair C-Band signals are very forgiving and I was working with the BEST C-Band LNB around. The BSC421, it's the Beez Kneez! GREAT signals and stability, I have had mine for a few years now and never lets me down. VERY robust LNB! And so cheap too, there is no better LNB at any price!

    The final test was tracking the Clarke Belt of course, but once again with all the correct angles and a PERFECTLY plumb and level pole/mast I was crack on there too!

    C-Band is still VERY much worth the effort and this project was a LOT of fun! As for what I am going to be doing with my "wee" 6' C-band antenna..................... you will have to wait. But as a hint............. it will be mobile!

    Thanks for watching by the way!


    Forgot to say it came with a FREE actuator too!



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