【The Lion King】Mufasas death - LIVE ACTION【Plush Parody】

  • Uploaded on 27 Jun 2017

    .:: ...It was 2 am and this happened AHAHHA::.

    So...Disney released their Scar and Mufasa plushies again and...this was born HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Comparison video and bloopers will be up soon!


    Director: NipahDUBS
    Cinematographer: Purehearto
    Media assistance: Grace/Tohru0chan
    Mufasa: NipahDUBS
    Scar: Tohru0chan/NipahDUBS
    Set: Omoichuus attic (lol)

    No Lions were harmed in the making of this film

    Channel NipahDUBS


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